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In this comprehensive overview, learn about the unique goals of each of the 6 fields on the 220 acre Modern Ag Farm.

In early April, 2020, Joe Kooiker and his crew were excited to be the first do to a controlled burn

on an 8 acre remnant prairie.

Story County Conservation visited the 8 acre remnant prairie in June, after a controlled burn in April, to identify and observe many of Iowa's native plant species.

Brandon Kleinke visited with Story County farmers to discuss the importance of weed control in

modern agriculture.

In June of 2019, a new tile was installed to replace the older clay tile done many decades ago.

Jacob Handsaker, who installed the new tile, describes how tiling improves water quality.

In September of 2019, farmer Tim Couser hosted the Story County Conservation agency, along with plant biologist Joe Kooiker, for a tour of the unbroken 8 acre remnant prairie.

Thanks to our partnership with the local Story County Conversation agency, we are fortunate to work alongside Joe Kooiker, a plant biologist. Here he's planting a native seed bed in spring 2019.

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