The Couser Modern Ag Experience Farm is a knowledge platform that demonstrates sustainable agriculture in practice. We are providing a forum where we can connect farmers, society, industry and public institutions. This is our opportunity to bring the farm to those who are unfamiliar with agriculture,
to show where we have been and how far we have come.

On the farm we can demonstrate no-till farming and the use of cover crops. Visitors can see, firsthand, how these practices maintain a healthy soil, protect against erosion and improve water quality. With Tim Couser’s use of digital tools, we have data and images that provide insights allowing us to manage our crop and use our resources more efficiently.

Over time, the area along the on the northeast property line had become a collection area of old cars, machinery, tires and other debris. Brush and small trees had also grown up changing the landscape. Heavy machinery and several man hours went in to removal and restoration of the landscape. A pollinator habitat area and cover crop plot for year round display are also offered on site.

Edge of field and in-field practices can have a significant impact on water quality. The need for tile on the Couser farm site is apparent to remove the variability in crop yield in wet years.

By utilizing next generation tiling concepts and structures we will be able to demonstrate advances in tiling technology and edge of field practices that benefit the environment and help the state meet its nutrient reduction goals. ​Concepts such as, contour tiling, water gates, controlled drainage, in-field monitoring wells, saturated buffers and bioreactors are to be implemented.

Below is a map of our 2019 farm plan for the southwest area of the property.


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